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  • Mindful Yoga Apparel

    Vote your values with your choices. Ashley Turner speaks her mind on mindful yoga apparel. See intention in action in our new fall collection.

  • 10 Yogi Reads Submitted By You

    Your Ultimate Yoga Reading List

    We asked and you shared! Here are just a few of the highlights from the many wonderful book suggestions you offered to us on Facebook. Together they comprise혻the ultimate yoga reading list. Feeling extra studious with fall approaching? Download a PDF of the full list of submitted titles here.혻 Continue reading

  • Meet Our Team: Customer Care

    Manduka Employees

    Calling all yogis! Manduka is looking for a customer care associate in our Los Angeles혻headquarters. No automated phone menus here. Our team helps customers deepen their practice with every call and email. Must love wearing leggings to work, taking plank breaks, and sharing snacks. Meet some of our crew and hear their take on life at Manduka.

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  • Manduka Yogis All Over The World

    Nothing makes us happier than seeing Manduka gear and apparel out in the world. Sweating, breathing, healing and opening possibilities with our international family. At the end of the day, every stitch, every thread and every cell is a conscious choice made for you and for the planet. It?셲 an honor to be a part of your practice. Here are a few of our friends, from our home base in California to Texas to New York혻to Berlin to Dubai 혻- all rocking their practice with their trusted gear to support them. You are #MadeForYoga, thank you for all that you share.


    Abby Cross



    Double camel in the desert.

    Abby Cross
    Abu Dhabi Continue reading

  • #MadeForYoga - Winners Announced

    Over the last 6 weeks, we?셶e been reading your transformational stories??how you first came to yoga and what changed when you did. Thousands of you have shared your #MadeForYoga moments ??your testament to showing up to the practice and allowing yoga to transform your life, on and off the mat.

    We also teamed up with a few of our friends who inspire us to hear their #MadeForYoga stories:

    Jessamyn Stanley

    Yulady & Gerald Saluti

    Keith Mitchell

    Dice Iida-Klein

    Claire Fountain

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  • Irene Pappas is #MadeForYoga

    Irene Pappas wasn?셳 cut out to be a doctor or a lawyer. So she went on her own path, found her yoga practice and learned to be at peace wherever she was. She doesn?셳 have the perfect life, and if she did, she wouldn?셳 need yoga. Irene is #MadeForYoga and so are you.혻Share Your Story.

  • #MadeForYoga | Your Stories of Transformation

    Your story matters. Not just because it?셲 yours, but because all of us can relate, learn, be inspired and be empowered by your experience. So we?셱e collecting and sharing stories about your yoga practice: how did you find your practice and what transformed in your life when you did?혻

    We?셶e been reading your stories from all over Instagram and through email. They?셱e amazing. We are all #MadeForYoga, and if you?셝 like to join us, this is the last week that sharing your story could win you a suite of Manduka gear and apparel that?셲 as Made For Yoga as you are (more info at the bottom of this page).

    This week we got an email from Michaela Codding at Windsor Yoga House. You might recognize some of yourself in her story:


    Michaela CoddingMichaela Codding

    I started practicing yoga to de-stress while raising my two kids who at that time were 11 and 9.

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  • Yulady & Gerald Saluti are #MadeForYoga

    In 10 years, Yulady Saluti underwent 23 surgeries to rid her body from cancer. Suddenly, the yoga that she and her husband Gerald Saluti practiced went from beautiful poses to a stabilizing force in their lives. They are혻혻#MadeForYoga and so are you.혻Share Your Story.

  • Ashley Turner is #MadeForYoga

    All she knew was that she felt better when she practiced yoga - physically and emotionally stronger. To help her understand why this was happening, she went back to school. Ashley Turner is #MadeForYoga and so are you.혻Share Your Story.

  • Alan Finger is #MadeForYoga

    Alan Finger has been practicing yoga for over half a century. He fled apartheid in South Africa, moved to Hollywood in the '70s and taught some of the biggest stars of the day. This is his story. He is #MadeForYoga and so are you.혻Share Your Story.