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Three Block Headstand by Jennifer Elliott

Yes, getting into headstand can be intimidating. You?셱e not alone if you?셱e looking around your yoga class thinking, How will I ever do that? Invert your perception with this exclusive three block headstand sequence from Jennifer Elliott, designed for both beginner and seasoned yogis, to safely support your neck and back as you build your foundation for a rock star headstand:

I tend to avoid headstands anymore because of neck issues I have resulting from a car accident.As a teacher, I?셶e found that most people have trouble setting up the foundation of headstand properly, and put themselves at risk of injury. For those reasons I love this version with 3 blocks and the wall. Personally, I can get into headstand without aggravating my neck, and as a teacher I feel confident that I?셫 setting up my students for a successful inversion.

Three Block Headstand

Start by placing one block on the highest height with the thin side facing the wall. Add two more blocks on their shortest height on top of the first block. The three blocks will be flush to each other on the outside and the top two blocks will meet the wall. Make sure there is space between the bottom block and the wall so your hands can fit behind.

Jennifer Elliott

Facing the blocks place your elbows down on the mat shoulder width apart and wrap your fingers around the back of the bottom block. Make sure to keep your elbows under your shoulders and the whole arm from the elbow to the side of the hand in contact with the mat. Graze your head against the blocks and set the crown down on the floor. Tuck your toes under and lift your hips up like in Downward facing dog. Lift the shoulder blades up the back and away from your ears.

Jennifer Elliott

Continue to walk the feet in towards the wall until you feel the entire upper back pressing against the blocks. The foundation is important to the safety of the pose so double check that the weight is even from the elbow to the hands and your arms are still shoulder width apart. This is a great prep pose and Thoracic spine opener, so you may even want to stay here.

Jennifer Elliott

If you are ready to move on, extend one leg up towards the ceiling. Press firmly down into your arms as you lift the shoulder blades up the back and lift the other leg. You want to keep about 70 percent of the weight in your arms and 30 percent in your head. For some people in this version, myself included, the head may not even touch the ground. This is a great form of traction on the neck and a stable way to enjoy headstand!

Jennifer Elliott

Jennifer ElliottJennifer Elliott is an ERYT-500 and Yoga Therapist who has been teaching for 15 years. In teaching for almost two decades, her experiences include leading 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings, taking students to Costa Rica and Bali for retreats, teaching at yoga festivals across the country and working with professional athletes. She has also appeared on HBO?셲 Hard Knocks and created the DVD, Yoga for Cyclists and Everyone Else. For more information on Jennifer visit,

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